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CryptoHawk ATM Terminal

Our Idea

CryptoHawk AG is the first company in the world to offer an All-in-One Solution for cryptocurrencies. Our idea is to unite everything that is really important in one place. The user thus spares many awkward logins and different accounts. Everything is in one place with us. Safe and clear. We not only offer the user an innovative exchange, but also modern crypto credit cards as well as simple payment solutions. All this with a serious, transparent company structure based in Switzerland. That's why we are the best place to go when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

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Which problems do we solve?

  • The complex entry and trading of cryptocurrencies.
  • Limited options when paying with cryptocurrencies.
  • Many different accounts needed and therefore confusing structure.

The solution

The CryptoHawk AG offers a solution to all these problems, revolutionizing the cryptocurrency market with an unprecedented all-in-one solution. With our exchange, we offer everyone, no matter if beginner or expert, the possibility to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. In addition, users will have access to our entire payment service and their own crypto credit card with only one account at CryptoHawk. And all this combined in a young startup with big goals and Swiss quality.


We have all-in-one

Our Keyfeatures


Payment Provider

As more and more people own cryptocurrencies, interest in using them as a means of payment increases.



Our Exchange offers all people the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies very simply and without expert knowledge.


Credit Card

With the CryptoHawk credit card, it is possible to pay with cryptocurrencies at all credit card acceptance points.



We regard our crypto-ATMs as the perfect complement to our service. These enable the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies even in the offline area.

Initial Coin Offering


1 ETH = 8.000 HAWKS

January 1st, 2018
15 of July, 2018
100.000.000 HAWKS
150.000.000 HAWKS
ERC20/Ethereum Blockchain

Our Benefits



In order to guarantee a permanent accessibility of CryptoHawk, we work with an international scalable server network, which can always be adapted to the demand.



Swiss Standard is the world's first solution for a complete package that combines everything that is really important. CryptoHawk is the optimal solution for the current market situation.



CryptoHawk relies on the latest technical security and encryption methods and offers users maximum security. The protection of your data is important to us and has a high priority.



With our convenient all-in-one solution, users can manage all trades, purchases and profits on a single page. This is a completely new concept and simplifies daily processes enormously.



AUG 2016

Development of the basic idea for CryptoHawk


Start of development of the Exchange

JUL 2017


FEB 2018

Softcap successfully achieved ($500,000)


Publication of the demo version

MAR 2018


APR 2018

Intensive further development of the All-in-One Solution


Opening of a location in Germany (Munich)

JUN 2018


JUL 2018

Successful completion of the ICO campaign


Worldwide launch of the entire CryptoHawk service

DEZ 2018


About us

  • The Founders
  • The Team
  • Advisors

We are young and just right for this business! CryptoHawk consists of a team of crypto enthusiasts and internationally recognized experts. Our goal is to make the world a bit more innovative and doing our best every day.

The money of the future? We are 100% involved!


  • General
  • What is CryptoHawk? What sets you apart from other companies?

    CryptoHawk offers the world's first all-in-one solution for cryptocurrencies. The 4 main cores are cryptocurrency exchange with fiat support, payment provider, crypto credit cards and ATMs as a franchise network. Any service will support all coins and tokens listed on the CryptoHawk exchange. In addition, we rely on maximum security, fast support and a serious company structure.

  • Where is your business location?

    In beautiful Switzerland. After a careful analysis of the economic trends and developments, Switzerland was chosen as the country for registration and the location of our company.

  • What is the HAWK token and what can I do with it?

    The HAWK token is an ERC20 token and runs on the Ethereum Blockchain. After our financing campaign, it is available for free trade. However, all those who keep their HAWKS after the launch of the exchange platform receive 25% of the exchange trading fees per month.

  • How can I participate in ICO/Crowdsale?

    With various payment options, among other things, you will be able to use the most common cryptocurrencies as well as bank transfers in the near future. Please purchase HAWKS exclusively on the official company website

  • What is the number of HAWK tokens that exist?

    The maximum amount of HAWKS is 150,000,000 and can not be increased at a later date.

  • What is an ICO/Crowdsale?

    An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a form of crowdfunding that is used by mostly young and emerging companies in the field of cryptocurrencies as a financing method. Compared to regular trading with cryptocurrencies, it is more stable and independent of exchange rates and in our case offers the possibility to generate long-term profit.

  • How often and in which currency is the profit sharing paid out?

    The profit will be distributed to the CryptoHawk account on a monthly basis at the beginning of the following month. You can choose between the currencies USD, EUR or CHF. The balance on the CryptoHawk account can be paid out at any time.

  • On which wallet can I store the HAWKS?

    Since the HAWK Token is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum Blockchain, it is possible to manage your Hawks easily on an Ethereum Wallet.

  • What is the distribution of HAWK tokens?

    To get a detailled live overview, please click here.

  • On which markets is your token listed?

    Our HAWK token will be listed on some major exchanges. In consultation with the exchanges, we are not yet able to publish further information on this subject.

  • What happens if CryptoHawk does not receive enough money from the ICO?

    If the financing target is not achieved, the establishment of the market and the further development of existing systems will be delayed. CryptoHawk will definitely start.

  • Where can I read the whitepaper?

    To take a look at the whitepaper, please click here.

  • Can I participate as a US citizens in our ICO?

    Due to country-specific regulations, you have to confirm that you are not a US citizen.

  • My question has not been answered, what now?

    In this case, please contact us via the following e-mail: info(at) We look forward to hearing from you.

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